Science and Faith: Where Lies the Problem?

In many of our favorite stories, there are two characters who are polar opposites: Batman and the Joker, Yoda and Darth Sidious, or Rocky and Ivan Drago to name a few.

Sports are another example of dramatic rivalries. There have been legendary sports rivalries throughout history: the Lakers and the Celtics, The Packers and the Bears, The Yankees and the Red Sox.

But if religion had a rival what would it be? For some, its enemy is science.

And yet scientific discovery is crucial to revealing facts about the world in which we live. If religion is its rival are the religious among us also rivals to truth?

That cannot be so because if God is the truth, then facts about the world in which we live will inevitably point back to Him.

A large part of the problem is that science has become a religion of its own. You may hear people say things like “science disproves God” or the “scientists are saying…x”

These statements are easy outs for proponents of a naturally-caused universe. To say science tells us everything is a form of what’s called scientism. It is a belief system in and of itself.

But as Dr. Frank Turek has often said, “science doesn’t say anything - scientists do.”1

What certain scientists say about the data is often skewed by a desire to bury God.

But for some reason He won’t go away? Why not?

For one thing not all scientists are atheists. There are many theistic scientists, biologists, and physicists, on the front lines of scientific discovery. Both theistic and atheistic scientists are presented with the same data and yet they come away with differing conclusions.

Why is that? Well, theistic researchers are open to both natural and intelligent causes to material phenomena. Atheistic researchers have closed the door to intelligent design altogether.

Therefore the real battle takes place at the origin of life. Where did our universe come from? Is the universe naturally caused or intelligently designed?

Answering the question of the origin of life, will help us determine everything else about the material world. Thus, it is probably the most important question for both scientific discovery and the religious to answer.

Over the next few weeks we will look at the data and what both science and religion are saying about the world. My hope is that we can pursue the truth no matter where it leads.

Stay tuned this month as we discuss the origin of life!


1. Frank Turek, "Science Doesn't Say Anything - Scientists Do,", November 25, 2009, accessed June 5, 2019.

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