Super Nintendo & Positive Evidence for Intelligent Design

If you grew up in the 90’s you might remember Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and later the Nintendo 64 or the DreamCast. But one of my favorite aspects of classic games was the cheat codes.

I remember magazines and websites where we could look up a code that provided significant advantages to a game. You could make your character invincible or unlock new weapons simply by entering in a complex code.

When I say complex, I mean complex. You would have to quickly press up, down, left, left, right, x, y, b, left, right… you get the point. If you entered anything that didn’t match the code exactly, you could not access or unlock anything new. I spent hours trying to enter in cheat codes.

Codes are important in any kind of software. The more functional you want something to be, the more complex coding is required.

But what about us? As humans, we have a lot of functionality. What code is required for us to exist? The code is found within our DNA.

Our genetic code is over 3 billion characters long and it is ordered in a precise way so that we exist.

Imagine how intelligent you would have to be to enter a cheat code into a game that was over 3 billion characters long! Yet if this code were altered at all we would either lose significant functionality or more likely we would cease to exist altogether.

What is the best explanation for the origin of this code? Well, the Neo-Darwinian explanation is that the code was developed over a long series of time through random mutation.

Imagine with me that you have to put in a cheat code that’s 3 billion characters long. Furthermore, you don’t get to look at the instruction manual. You have to put the code into your Super Nintendo blind folded and through pure guesswork. If you make one mistake you must start over and try again.

How long would that take you?

Scientists (such as Steven Meyer who wrote Signature in the Cell) have done the math for this explanation of random mutation over a long series of time. Even if the universe is billions of years old it would require significantly much more time for such a complex code to be formulated.

We do have positive scientific evidence for a code generator that works much faster than random guesswork: A mind. Mind’s produce information. Ordered complex information requires intelligence.

This is positive evidence for Intelligent Design - that our universe was designed by a very intelligent and powerful being.

Believers in God are often accused of “God of the Gaps” argumentation. The idea is that when we don’t know the answer to something we just plug God in as the solution. And yet DNA is positive evidence for a creator. Our highly structured and organized code

points to a mind.

What DNA does not suggest is that it is in any way random. If we are guilty of “God of the gaps” arguments, perhaps Neo-Darwinists are guilty of a “Darwin of the gaps” approach to DNA.

We have positive evidence that only intelligence produces complex coding. The more complex the code, the more intelligent its designer.

Stay tuned as we give more positive evidence for a creator of the universe this month!

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