Clark Weidner is the founder of Solid Faith. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University. His journey into the field of apologetics came several years ago through honest conversations with nonbelievers. Once he began looking for answers for his faith, he stumbled upon the field of apologetics and has never stopped researching. He is our Podcast host and blog contributor. He’s also a hobby enthusiast - he holds a blue belt in jiu jitsu and plenty of scars from years of skateboarding. But he would be nothing without his wife, Amber. Clark and Amber fell for each other in a book club. Since then, they got married and have recently adopted a dog named Thanos (due to their obsession with comic books).  


Justin Coody is the producer for Solid Faith. He manages all things audio and visual. Justin and Clark are childhood friends who came up making skateboard videos together. Now Justin has taken his technical abilities to new levels and is the sole reason Solid Faith has high-quality videos and podcasts. He is also a photographer in his spare time has taken some amazing photos for our team. Justin and his wife Stormie have a really cool son named Triton. Triton is probably the friendliest guy you will meet. He really likes the movie Trolls, which means Justin and Stormie have the entire soundtrack memorized. 


Graphic and Website Designer
Faith Gintz is our graphics and website designer. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Music at Louisiana College. Faith currently serves as the Graphic Designer at her local church. She is an extremely talented pianist and singer who is well versed in both classical piano and opera. She has always enjoyed youth ministry. In fact, she once started a Bible club at her local high school which amassed a large crowd of students regularly. She is also very proud of her Ford Mustang which she aptly named,Terry. 
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